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Some key points on employee engagement

  • The need for Employee Engagement and creating better Experience for employees.
  • You do not build a BUSINESS. You build PEOPLE and then PEOPLE build the BUSINESS. 
  • To help  employees become productive a company needs to create an agile and relevant employee engagement and experience strategy so that productivity always remains high among your organization's workforce. 

Current Situation

  • Currently the world is going through the worst crisis that world has ever seen post world war 2.
  • With lockdowns imposed across countries in all 7 continents the impact on economy is dreadful.
  • 2020 has a negative impact on mindsets of employees with crisis outside of their homes. 
  • In this situation employees are looking for engagement @ work which unfortunately is absent. 
  • Thus CHRO's & Admin heads have a difficult task in hand as employees look for engagement. 
  • With employees looking for leadership it's time for CXO's to craft a new engagement strategy. 

What is needed?

  • With a war like environment situation across organizations employees need to be motivated. 
  • Management of team health & employee wellness quotient at work through spiritual reconnect. 
  • Relentless focus on employee needs through leadership & engagement in action. 
  • Providing employee experience & engagement with a digital mindset. 
  • Re imagine & creating an agile EX strategy for back to office & work from home. 
  • Helping employees to create their vision & upskill them through new programs. 
  • Recognizing & Rewarding employees for their devotion to work during these times.

What Are You Going To Learn

How CHRO's & CXO's can collaborate with each other to ensure business continuity.

How digital CXO's & CHRO's can engage employees with technology. 

How can leaders help employees in their careers & improve their skills? 

Creating a new age rewards & recognition policy for encouraging employee devotion at work. 

Who Should Attend?

A) CEO's, CTO's, CIO's, CDO's & Admin heads

B) CHRO, Director, VP, Head of HR & department heads who handle -

Thought Leaders

Dr. Ankita Singh

SVP & Global Head - HR, IT, Travel & Admin

Cignex Datamatics

Sonica Aron

Managing partner

Marching Sheep

Yamini Krishnan​

Senior Director - HR​



02:00 PM To 03:00 PM How the CHRO & HR team can meet the moment for organizations.

CXO panel Session - (1 Hour – 45 Minutes for discussion & 15 Minutes for Q&A) 

During the recent past at big company moment CEO's & CFO's would be the one breaking the big news to employees, shareholders & other stake holders. However, a distinctive feature of the current situation is that CEO's are constantly busy on how to keep the organization afloat amid the uncertainty. Thus, it's time for the CHRO & the HR team to lead the workforce for the future with the CXO team.   

  • Putting up the oxygen mask for employees through motivation
  • Being the role model for employee's safety through health & mental wellness
  • Improve organization resilience through one on one communication with employees
  • Creating an agile EX strategy from back to office through home in collaboration with admin team 

03:00 PM To 03:30 PM How Digital CXO's can create employee advocacy & branding.

CXO Collaboration Session - (30 Minutes – 20 Minutes for discussion & 10 Minutes for Q&A) 

A recent study stated that employees are most happy & productive when their organizations supports them with interactive technology which can help them to improve connection & engagement. As the scope of this current pandemic has become clear it is more than ever important for Digital CXO's, Admins & CHRO team to have a tech system in place which can help employees to remain connected, motivated & productive whether it's remote working or work from office.   

  • The new interactive digital admin system
  • Enabling app development in hands of employees
  • Working with other CXO's on enabling HR digital transformation

03:30 PM To 04:15 PM Helping employees to create their career vision & upskilling. 

Feedback Session - (45 Minutes – 30 Minutes for discussion & 15 Minutes for Q&A)  

As employees are working from home for the past couple of months & will have the same opportunity in the future a lot of time is being saved due to this and thus, they are looking to enhance their skills as well as make sure & move their careers in the right directions. Thus CHRO's & HR team leaders need to help employees to create their own career vision & goals.   

  • Designing upskilling programs through feedback & interaction
  • Connecting spiritually with employees & empowering them to set their goals & vision

04:15 PM To 05:00 PM Creating a new age rewards & recognition system. 

Feedback Session - (45 Minutes – 30 Minutes for discussion & 15 Minutes for Q&A)   

Compared to 10 years ago, the number of remote workers has increased by 115%, with that number abruptly rising with the onset of COVID-19. Employees are more likely to be disengaged and quit during such situations due to hundreds of distractions both at work & personally. An easy way to keep employees engaged during these troubled times is to continuously support them through recognition & new age rewards.   

Pricing Details


1 Delegate - Rs. 1,000 + Taxes